Lost my name Personalised Book

Hi followers new and old. I am happy to report I have had quite a few wins since the last time I posted, however due to personal problems have been unable to let you all know about them. It’s time I remedied that so expect a few posts over the next few days until I am back up to date.

One of my most recent wins was a beautiful book from the Wafflemama blog via the Gleam entry system. Some of you may find Gleam and Rafflecopter time consuming, however entering through these methods not only is productive but also gives the bloggers/companies themselves more exposure so that they are able to host more of these great prizes for us all to win.

After just a few hours Wafflemama aka Laura got in touch to inform me that I had won and by the next day I had a code to order. The Lost my Name site was easy to navigate and my order was placed within 2 minutes. At the end I entered my code and the final charge was discounted.

You can choose whether you want the book to be for a boy or a girl and even choose the skin tonewhich was great! being mixed raced and my daughter having my tanned skin it meant I was able to choose a skin tone that personalised it even more than the name. You also have a choice of languages making it an awesome present to send to freinds and family overseas or even your own children if you are teaching them more than one language.

As soon as I opened the book the message from my fiance and I was on the first page and on the next the adventure began.



The little girl met a Lion in the first 2 pages who gave her a medal, this medal was the letter L for the first letter of her name and also of course for Lion. The next was the letter E which was given to her by an elephant.


The adventure continued until it had spelled out the whole of my daughters name with the last page spelling out Lexi-Rai, even the hypen was included!


All tuckered out after the long adventure and tucked up in bed (aww bless). I absolutely love this book and know it is going to be a favourite for Lexi-Rai who is just learning to read. I have been a little sneaky though and I am going to put this away for Lexi-Rai’s birthday which is the 6th December. I promise I will post pictures of her reading it and already know she is going to be delighted. Here’s a recent picture of her until then …


Wafflemama always has great giveaways and everything from fashion to family advice based on her own experiences. Sometimes as a parent it’s nice to know your not alone and that you are more than a mum. Don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself by clicking here.

If you want to see the other great books in the ‘Lost My Name’ range then visit by clicking here and you will also get 15% off your next order! Thank you once again for stopping by and please keep an eye out for future blogs….I’m back on form and ready to tell you all about my latest wins


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