Competitions with Mudpie Fridays


Mudpie Fridays is a blog I frequent, not only to read the great content on everything from ideas for playtime with your children, but also how reviews on great days out. It’s always great if you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids to get the opinion of someone just like you. It saves travelling a great distance to find that only half the family are able to participate, making it an expensive error.

The blog posts are always intersting and often humorous following Clare and her little boys as they muddle through everyday life together albeit with a lot more grace than I manage with my three. There’s even a chance to get your childs picture featured every Sunday on their page on Instagram by using the hashtag #RememberingTheseDays.

This month there is a giveaway of a kids toy parcel thanks to Kids Parcel. It’s an innovative idea which is great for parents that want to treat their kids for work well done but want something that they are going to get more than a few minutes fun out of. The boxes contain suprise toys and you have the option of giving just the age and sex or more to ensure your child will be happy with the box. The box contains branded and well loved toys so you can be sure even if you are not up to date with the trends, Kids Parcels will be.

As well as being a treat for work well done or maybe a hospital visit where a card just wont suffice, they are also great for buying children when you have no idea what to get. You could purchase a box and split the toys for those suprise parties that the kids land on you with only a few days notice or gift the whole box to your own child, or anyone that appreciates the element of suprise.


The competition can be entered by visiting the blog here and using the Gleam entries. The more actions you complete the better chance you have of winning. If you enjoy comping and like me also like to pick up hints and tips along the way then Mud Pie Fridays is a great blog to add to your favourites. After all kids don’t come with a handbook, so why not help each other on this journey of parenthood that we all walked into blindly?



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