Flowerpot Bread Kit from Find me a Gift

I was lucky enough to be picked as the winner for a Facebook competition to win a flowerpot bread making kit from Find me a Gift where you are able to find lots of reasonably priced gifts for each and every member of your family, no matter what their tastes. The package came within a couple of days and the kids wanted to take part too! Today was the day to get our baking hats on and get making some delicious fresh bread.


As I know that some people have intollerances and allergies I have including the ingredients and nutritional values list which also came with the package for your reference.


The included instructions were simple to follow, making my job easier especially as I haven’t baked bread since home economics at school in year 7 (first year seniors). The kids got to work straight away while I warmed up the oven. They poured the bread mix and yeast powder into a bowl along with olive oil and water and enjoyed getting thoroughly messy.

After the mixture became a consistant managable dough after a few minutes I stepped in to help them to divide it into their flowerpots.

Before the flowerpots could be used I first had to oil them, bake them for 15 minutes and then wash them through with soapy water and leave them to dry. As kids can be a bit impatient it might be an idea to get this done before you start.

Once the mixture had been divided we put the dough balls into the flowerpots and covered them with clingfilm so they could rise. The girls loved coming down only 15 minutes later to find that the dough had almost doubled in size. We left it for the hour reccomended but it got to its maximum expansion within half an hour. Then again our kitchen is extremly warm so I think that helped.

It only took 25 minutes for the flowerpot bread to come out nice and brown and was easy to take out of the flowerpots without the need for tools or brute force. Here’s what my little baking babies made today.



They were so happy with their efforts and enjoyed eating the warm fresh bread for lunch with jam and butter. I would like to have shown you a picture but the food dissapeared pretty fast which is testimony to how good it tasted.

If you like the look of the flowerpot bread making kit you can visit Find me a Gift by clicking here. There are many other thoughtful gifts that will help you to get something for that fussy someone, or that member of your family that just seems to already have everything.

Thank you for choosing me to be your lucky winner. The children and I had a great afternoon and will definitley be making seeded flowerpot bread again.


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