Power Bank win on Facebook

Hi blog lovers. I am sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I have had quite a few wins that I will add over the next few days, however health problems have unfortunatley got in the way.

I was happy to wake up on the 12th September 2016 to find an inbox message on my Facebook from Digital Save letting me know that I was the lucky winner of a Powerbank. Having the kids keep killing off my phone battery playing Pokemon on the way to school, this was something that I had been meaning to purchase for a long time but never got round to.

The Powerbank came within a couple of days of my win being announced. It came well packaged and contained the Powerbank itself as well as USB chargine lead. You do have to have your own USB plug if you want to charge from the usual plug sockets but the majority of phones come with them anyway.

There was already a little charge in the device so I decided to try it first. The display has a series of lights that show you how much is left. When charging they go in a left to right sequence with the amount of power showing with a solid light and the still charging notification showing by way of blinking lights. This makes it extremly handy so you know when you are good to go unlike the cheaper versions where it’s a case of guesswork. when you are are charging your phone from the device the lights go from right to left indicating that it is working and displaying how much is left in the device.


From the one bar of charge the power bank came with I was able to charge my phone from 50% to 100% in a matter of 15 minutes. I then decided to put it through its paces and try the full capacity. I went out the following day so took the charger with me. Being a comper I use the phone a lot so it soon got down to 2% so I pluged it into the Power Bank. I managed to charge to full capacity within half an hour and still be able to use the phone whilst charging without the capacity depleting.


On a full charge I was able to use the Power Bank kindly given to me by Digital Save a total of 3 times to charge up my iPhone 5s and there was still a bar remaining. I would definitley reccomend the device to others, especially those that use their phone often and have an in car charger like mine that keeps giving up the ghost. Great for those on long journeys that use their devices to keep occupied and for those that haven’t given up on Pokemon Go just yet!

Digital Save sell numerous smartphone accessories, gadets and audio at an affordable price and reguarly have competitions that I can first hand say are genuine. To find out more about them click here

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