The Order 1886 for PS4 win

After getting all set to go away for the Sundown Festival, I found a nice suprise in my inbox on the Thursday. It was from a lovely guy from who informed me that I was the lucky winner of their facebook competition to win the PS4 game The Order. My partner was over the moon and couldn’t wait to get online to find out more about the prize.

It took only a couple of days to arrive and was here waiting for us the beginning of the following week and was still in the original packaging. If  you want to see some gameplay check here

The game is about a city that has been transformed by science and the industry while contantly fearing no human enemies. Its a story driven game that requires you to shoot the foe (resemblin warewolves) using a variety of different weapons. It’s not an online game so you’re playing as a lone soldier, however it did keep him entertained for 16 hours before he completed it.

If you want to enter the competitions or want to keep up with their latest bargains then head on over to their Facebook Page for the latest updates and bargains for your gaming pleasure.

I’m not a massive games fan as the kids keep me on my toes however it kept my ‘big kid entertained from morning till late into the night.


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