How I win online competitions

Ok, so those that have read my other blogs will know that I am new to the world of online comping. I entered the odd one that popped up on Facebook and Twitter but by no means was I as into it as I am right now. It started about 6-7 weeks ago when a friend of mine kept winning competitions; there were always posts on her social networking site of the things that she had won from craft goods to days out for her family, so I thought I would give it a go for myself. On her advice I decided to look for and enter as many competitions as possible and either prove or disprove that online comping was fake.

At first I started off entering about 60 or 70 competitions a day and after the first few days I must admit that I got a bit put off by the fact my inbox wasn’t pinging with numerous messages telling me I had won cars and holidays and the other things I had my sights set on, but on day 4 I was scrolling through my emails and found that I had a message telling me that I had won a box of Paxton Artisan chocolates. I sent off my details as instructed and waited patiently for the postman to bring my win, which a few days later he did. I was definitely bitten by the comping bug so decided to continue.

Over the course of the past few weeks I have also won 2 cans of Aftermath a natural hangover cure, 2 tickets to see finding Dory at my local cinema, a wooden handmade name block and most recently a holiday to go glamping at sundown festival. I have to say I was so happy to have won a holiday in the first few weeks of comping, but you’re not here to relish in my wins you want to know how to do it for yourself don’t you?

The answer of how to win online competitions for me was to apply for as many as possible as fast as possible and keep my fingers crossed. If you get discouraged then the chances are you will not keep up the pace.  I have found that competitions that require additional work such as form filling, answering questions, posting pictures and even writing a little poem are less likely to have a high number of entrants giving you better odds of winning.

If you enter competitions via Gleam or Rafflecopter don’t be put off by what seems to be a large number of entrants. My first win was with Rafflecopter and only 4 days in of half-heartedly entering.  What happens with these comping platforms is that people have to complete tasks such as liking pages or writing on their blog so for each there is another entry. For many people can return each day to enter for additional chances so if you see that a few thousand have entered chances are it’s a few hundred if that who are going back each day. Imagine a competition where one person has completed the first 14 tasks and then goes back each day and completes an extra two for 28 days the competition is running for. That’s 70 for one person, so don’t be discouraged or feel intimidated by them.

If there is an option to share I tend to only do so if the competition gives me additional entries for doing so, because obviously sharing on your social networking site and your friends entering reduces your chances further.

For me not getting discouraged and continuing to enter competitions has been my winning ticket. I can’t win them all, I get that but what I can do is improve my odds by entering as many as possible even those that require a little more effort. I enter at present between 90 and 230 each and every day and this blog is my way of proving to those that are discouraged that it is possible to win and that online competitions are in the main real. Of course you will get the fake ones but you don’t know till you try.

My one bit of advice would be to ensure you open a different email account before you start comping as not only will you receive notifications of entries and wins, you also get a lot of advertisements which you won’t want to trawl through before getting to personal messages.

Please keep following my blog as I will enter and review each one of my wins including the upcoming Sundown Festival that I won by entering my details into a prize draw with Venus razors. If you want to ask me any questions, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as I check in reguarly.

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