I got blocked for liking too many pages

Unfortunatley rather than a competition review blog this is to warn other compers about my Sunday morning experience as a comper using Facebook. It has only been over the past couple of days that I have decided to use Facebook as one of my comping platforms. I have previously used Twitter, email and the usual form filling but Facebook does not like me liking one  bit.

If you are new to comping you will find that one of the conditions to enter the majority of Facebook competitions is to like pages and posts. In doing so the automated spam spotter on Facebook depicts this as liking pages too fast. This is the message I got when I tried to enter my last compeition.


I had absolutely no warning or a timeline of how long this was going to last so wanted to find out more about it, so I used the little hyperlink  ‘let us know’ in the message which took me to this page.



After writing to Facebook to let them know that I was by no means spamming anyone, but instead using the ‘like’ as a means of entry I decided to ‘learn more about what happens when you’re blocked or if your content was removed’. Low and behold the link takes you to a page that doesn’t work, so I am no better off than when I began.

The good news is that I was able to like again after about an hour, however the bad news was after entering just 2 competitions the orginal message came up again. I have heard of other compers having the same problem and if I actually get a reply from Facebook I will share it with you. It seems to be an ongoing problem but through research it seems that Facebook claim they are not punishing you for liking too many things but for doing it too fast. Hey I wanted toast when I woke up, changed my mind a few seconds later and then decided I wasn’t hungry after all. Please Facebook rescue me from not having to cook the Sunday dinner by blocking my attempts and letting someone else take over.

As of yet I have had no problems with my actions on Twitter, Blogspot or any other network I use for my comping and blog writing. It seems Facebook needs to get some real people on board to monitor as blocking likes, shares etc on an automated basis and not following it up with a human being could hinder businesses who are putting on competitions for more exposure.

If you have had the same/similar experience feel free to comment and let me know how long you were blocked for as it seems to be a common problem when comping. I still however have my other platforms and it will not deter me to keep on winning.


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