Can you win prizes through rafflecopter?

when I first started entering competitions I came across something called Rafflecopter. It is basically a way to get extra entries to competitions by completing actions such as liking peoples profiles on different social networking sites, visiting their web pages and those of the promoters and even watching videos. In most case you have to also comment on a blog or webpage or subscribe to receiving emails from the owner. The main question though is whether or not it gives you a real chance of winning the competitions or is it just a con?

First of all it’s best to explain why you need to enter so many times performing so many actions. The answer is to help the blog/website owner to increase their rank on search engines by increasing the amount of people visiting their website/blog and associated pages. It looks great for them that so many people are following them or their product. When you look on a site and notice that there have been 1000 entries you will also think how popular the brand/site must be. This can be the case but if a person is able to perform up to 40 actions to enter a competition and many do if it’s a big prize then the amout of people entering is less than it originally seems.

I have won from a rafflecopter competition. It was the box of Paxton Chocolates that I have written about in one of my other blogs, my first ever win from my online comping and it took less than 4 days for me to win! I didn’t go back and repeat entries and didn’t enter all of them only 7 out of the possible 10 and was still lucky enough to be chosen.

If you are wondering whether it is possible to win from Rafflecopter the answer is yes. Don’t be detered by what seem to be too many entries for you to possibly have a chance of winning. Instead do the math and realise that many people will be completing at least half of the actions so your chance of winning is better than it seems. You have to be in it to win it after all, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t win straight away. I enter a LOT of competitions to have done as well as I have so far and am living proof that you can enter Rafflecopter competitions and win.

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