My first win Paxton Artisan ‘bespoke’ Chocolates

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Yay, I am pleased to announce that my first prize has now arrived. It was a beautiful pack of Paxton Artisan Chocolates retailing at £25!!! The information provided with my prize tells me how great the chocolates are for meetings, wedding favours and other celebrations. Very new and innovative ‘bespoke chocolate’ reminds me a lot of the chocolates you get on your pillow at a hotel only it’s not the wrapper that has been decorated it’s the chocolate itself.

These would be great for promoting your business, but as they are available in an array of flavours (yes you can even choose those) I am not sure they would last all that long. These are definitely not the type of chocolates you want to share with the children with the minimum order being £100 but if you want to go all out to impress clients or add a special touch to your meetings or promotions then they will be a talking point.

As well as the box of chocolates, also included was a sample of a bespoke thin decorated with butterflies. You could add the name of the wedding couple, your companies name and/or logo or anything else that takes your fancy.


  • White chocolate comes in rasperry rose, clementine lemongrass and lime which is the best for colour images and text


  • Milk Chocolate comes in orange earl grey and chestnut and vanilla. You can have black and white text/images printed on this kind
  • Dark Chocolate can be purchased in candid chilli, lavender and bergamot but is not printable. It can mix up the designs and flavour selection though!

I am extremly grateful to have won these beautiful chocolates, although I can’t say how long they are going to last. Definitely going to be put away until the kids are in bed….I’m getting flashbacks of the ‘Matilda’ film where the Trunchbull says ‘too good for children’. They really are!



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