Review of New Aftamath Hangover Cure

Firstly I want to say thank you to @aftamathdrinks for giving me the opportunity to try their new hangover cure. As one of the first to try out this much needed beverage I feel honoured to have been chosen.

The featured images are of the test sample and the actual can that will be marketed very soon to the general public is going to be similar to the sample so you know exactly what to look out for before your night out with the girls/guys.


Yesterday the postman arrived with my 2 cans of Aftamath and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Not being a massive drinker, but still feeling pretty mouldy the day after I knew I was going to have a few brandys before bed to wind down with my fiance. The instructions say to drink a can after drinking before you go to bed, but if you are on a bender then you should take one 20 minutes before you begin drinking alcohol. After about 3 double brandy’s and coke I was ready to hit the hay so drank my first of the two Aftamath cans.

I was expecting the beverage to be carbonated, but it was pleasantly suprised to find it was flat. It has a mixed fruit flavour and is sweet but not overly so. I can only describe the taste as being similar to a regular cordial but very refreshing as I had left it on chill in the fridge for the day.

For those who are wary of what they put in their body like myself, the Aftamath drink contains nothing artificial. All of the ingredients come from natural sources and there are none of those vile sweeteners that leave a bad taste in your mouth after consumption.

I woke this morning knowing that I had a day of school uniform last minute items to buy for my daughters. A trip around my local shopping centre was not something I was looking forward to especially after a night of drinking brandy and cherry coke (my favourite), but the mouldy feeling on waking was not there. Yes I was tired but that was due to my 5 year old wanting to know why CBeebies wasnt working at 5am in the morning. I decided to drink the other can as a precautionary measure knowing what the day ahead held for me. If you have ever been shopping with an 5 and 8 year old girls I needed all the help I could get.

To my suprise the shopping trip went well, by well I mean there were a few tantrums but I didn’t have a thumping headache and even felt comfortable enough to go and grab some lunch. That’s good for me as I would usually want to get back to my house as soon as possible and hibernate, but feeling great I thought I may as well take the opportunity to spend more time outside.

Here is a picture of the ingredients in Aftamath so you can see for yourself there are no nasties lurking in your can:


There has been so much worry about drinking energy drinks and so many people use them to help a hangover that I wanted to show you that the Aftamath contains no caffeine but instead contains globefish protein. Globefish protein has been proven to assist liver function which we could all do with after giving our livers a night of heavy work breaking down alcohol.

If you’re drinking in the house you can even use the aftermath as a mixer! I don’t think I would drink it with Brandy but can imagine it’s great with Vodka and a great alterntive to energy drinks.

Forget the fried breakfast that people tell you eat and theĀ  barrage of over the counter pain meds to control your hang over. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for the release of Aftamath to the general public.

You can find out more about the Aftamath drink, get in touch and keep up with the latest news by visiting them at their website or social media by adding them on:

  • Instagram:@aftamathdrink
  • Facebook:@aftermath drinks
  • Twitter:@aftamathdrinks

I’m off to Sundown Festival next weekend thanks to a competition I won recently thanks to Gillete Venus…. The only complaint I have about Aftamath is that I have now ran out so can’t take any with me. It’s going to get messy!!! Can’t wait to see these little cans in a store near me very soon.

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