2 tickets to see Finding Dory at Cineworld Solihull

Before starting full time comping, my freind (find her on Twitter she’s always winning @ameliadenys) put me on to a competition happening in our local area. It was to win 2 tickets to see Finding Dory in 3D at Cineworld Solihull. The question was ‘What is your favourite fish and why?’. Everyone was commenting with cute fish including the clown fish (Nemo) angelfish (Dory) and fish relevant to the film. I decided to be different and post the blob fish. For those that have never seen one I have added a picture.


My reasons for choosing this fish are that a)most people have never heard of them or seen them and b) it has some very human features. Within a few days I had recieved a message on Facebook in my inbox notifying me that I had won. I was over the moon, especially during the summer holidays where days out can cost a small fortune for a family of 5.

Off we went a few days later with tickets in arm and made our way to Cineworld Solihull. There was a bit of a mess about with our popcorn order, the kids wanted sweet but were accidentally given salt which caused my mildly autistic daughter to have a kick off right in the middle of the foyer. Thankfully once the order was remedied quickly and we were on our way to watch the film, kids happilly singing en route ‘just keep swimming’.

My youngest is 5 and needed a booster seat to see over the heads of the people in front, but in the end opted for boosting her with a coat and my handbag due to the fact she was so light the seat kept swallowing both her and booster seat which she kept slipping back on.


Check out that face…I just saw it in relation to the picture of the blobfish and had a little giggle to myself. who would have thought my daughters face could look just like my competition entry? I have to say I was a bit dubious about taking Lexi with us as last time we took her to the cinema she joined another family because she wanted what they were eating. Thankfully they were amused by her behaviour (unlike me cringing in the row behind).

After much fidgeting and 15 minutes of advertisements we finally settled down to watch the film. Check out my Nanny McPhee daughter below.


The first part of the film was great however as Dory was found pretty early on in the film the rest seemed to be more filling, but the kids loved it and that’s what it’s all about. The day still ended up costing me about £50 as had to purchase tickets for my partner and I but my eldest daughter (pictured above) has a Cineworld card, so that brought the cost down a bit. Add food to that and bang there’s £50 gone, but it was a lovely day and the children enjoyed the experience.

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