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Hi readers and welcome

This is my first blog, so please bear with me if a make a few faux pas along the way. Let me introduce myslef before going any further. My name is Sharon, I am a mother of three beautiful daughters and have a gorgeous fiance Andy. I recently started entering competitions online after seeing numerous posts of my freinds wins on her social networking site. Although comping has been around a while, the thought of having to purchase numerous postcards in order to enter a prize draw then drag three hyperactive children to the post office with me scares the hell out of me. If you have children already you will know that a simple trip to the local shop on your own takes 5 minutes, with children it can take up to 50 (especially with my little monkeys).

I did see quite a few competitions on Facebook but didn’t enter reguarly. I didn’t win a thing so to be quite honest put it down to it being such a popular site and me being a grain of sand on a whole beach with more chance of finding rocking horse poop than actually winning something. I thought I had used up all my luck having 16 brain surgeries in the space of 3 years and coming out the other end, however I was wrong. I just needed to change my tactics.

I found a few sites that list competitions and rather than having to methodically seek out each one using google it had list after list where I was able to just bash away at competitions to get everything from toothpaste to holidays abroad. My first win came after just a week! It was a cinema pass for 2 to see Finding Dory at our local cinema, so off I went with the children and my partner and enjoyed our discounted day out.

A week later I was going through my emails as I have done daily since comping with fingers crossed hoping my numerous entries would pay off. It seemed like a wasted week until I noticed a ‘you are the winner’. My first win was a beautiful box of ‘artisan chocolates’ worth over £25!!!less than a week later came my second win, which was a ‘glamping holiday’.  I am still waiting for the chocolates to be delivered and once they are I will make a post and continue to do so along with pictures of my glamping holiday.

My intention is to write regular blogs to keep you up to date with my latest wins, the craziness of living in a house full of mad people (including me) and hopefully inspire others to start comping too. I reguarly add links to the competitions I have entered and if you want to follow my entering habits feel free to add me on Twitter @shandy2008. Glampings new to me so should have some pretty funny pictures to share with you all on my return.I will also be reviewing some of my favourite products along the way . Hey caring is sharing

The crazy family at numer 13 (yes I even live in a house marked with unlucky number) is finding that their luck is looking up.


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